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adaptation, worker adaptation, types of adaptation, occupational adaptation, professional adaptation, labor adaptation, mentorship


the worker is in a new work group and starts to perform employment duties in a new position. This requires adaptation. Adaptation is a multifaceted phenomenon (process). In the author’s opinion, it can vary, including the scenarios arising during legal relationships. As is noted in the paper, there are almost no provisions regarding legal regulation of the adaptation process in the current labor legislation. Adaptation is classified as occupational and non-occupational. In the framework of labor relationships, occupational adaptation is of especial interest, since it includes professional, psychophysiological, sociopsychological, organizational, economic and labor adaptations. An analysis of professional and labor adaptation in terms of their definitions and contents has identified their differences. The paper is an attempt to research the issue of worker adaptation through the lens of labor legislation. Mentorship is definitely a component of professional adaptation. There is a special focus on the lack of any provisions regulating the mentorship institution in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The need to fill this gap by introducing supplements and amendments into the existing legal regulation mechanics has been pointed out. The conclusion has been drawn about the link between the probation period established with a labor contract and the professional or labor adaptation of the worker. Additionally, the author has made the assumption that probation upon entry into employment should be seen not only as the adaptation of a worker to a new workplace, but as the adaptation of an employer to a new employee as well. Among other things, it is a period when the worker’s adequacy for the assigned job is verified. The opinion has been expressed that it is necessary to standardize the mentorship institution in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

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Evgeniya R. Bryukhina, National Research University – Higher School of Economics

Evgeniya R. Bryukhina – Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Business Law, National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Russia, Moscow, Myasnitskaya st., 20; e-mail:




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Evgeniya R. Bryukhina. (2022). WORKER ADAPTATION AND LABOR RELATIONS. EUROPEAN AND ASIAN LAW REVIEW, 5(4), 14–22. извлечено от